Anna Barber

Anna Barber

Performing Rodeo Queen

Installation - making objects perform

200cm x 150cm x 70cm


The Rodeo is the realisation of an imagined landscape and spectacle. It is firstly, the conceptualisation of my personal perception of frontier rodeo culture, and what that looks like in America, Australia, and even Tasmania (an understanding that is built from an outside perspective; these are not cultures I exist in).

This perception is influenced by rodeo and cowboy culture/aesthetic from a popular culture lens that are generally not accepted among frontier rodeo communities; think Lil’ Nas X ‘Old Town Road’, space cowboy aesthetic as well as the queering of cowboy culture; queer folk taking back rodeo culture and making space for diversity within it.

Emerging out of the two perceived rodeo cultures is my own imagined rodeo landscape. Layered atop this romanticised rodeo landscape is research of Tasmania’s creative cultures of interest to me, which is sparked through my own actual lived experience, within and out.

Through my practice as a theatre maker and artist I have been fortunate enough to engage with amateur and community theatre companies, professional theatre companies, dance companies and contemporary arts makers and festivals which facilitate said makers. The relationships I have with each of these communities allows me to examine their cultures, how they form the work that is being produced and consumed, and what audience demographics are in fact consuming the work. I approach this examination for my own unique perspective as a young, white, female creator, who has one foot in and one foot out, so to speak, of these communities. The chaos and enormity of the rodeo, as well as the individual events that occur within the rodeo, become the metaphor to carry my investigations into said communities.

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