Ashlee Hutchings

Ashlee Hutchings


Acrylic on canvas

100cm x 100cm x 1.5cm (Unframed)


Born on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Ashlee Hutchings (b. 1998) is a Brisbane based artist. Utilizing photography, she examines human behavior, intimacy and the dynamics of machine intelligence by capturing the mechanics of existence. Hutchings focuses on the finer details, employing cropping techniques as a way to highlight the beauty and order in chaos. Hutchings is specifically intrigued by the mystery within each exposure, as well as the intimacy between the artist and the process.

In-depth observation and analysis of the world is a characteristic that Hutchings possesses, presenting texture as a recurring element in her image-making. Hutchings intends to traverse deeper into texture and motion blur photography, to experiment with ideas relating to sequence and rhythm. Early stages of cinema are a major influence in Hutchings’ current practice, specifically inspired by crude, naive animation. Understanding the beginning points of camera operation and development methods allows Hutchings to fuse both old and new innovations into her work. This interest is proving to be beneficial to the development of her style by employing earlier techniques with the latest technical innovations of the world. This method allows room for experimentation in many different levels and forms of image-making.

Hutchings’ practice exercises the notion of change we constantly manifest as human beings. This is often forgotten as a result of human conditioning and indoctrination. Hutchings speculates on human affairs and strives to act as a carrier to provoke thought about current events occurring around the world. Her compassion and curiosity of others is the driving force behind her practice.

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