Avan Robins

Avan Robins

red string

Oil on canvas

151cm x 100cm x 3.5cm (Unframed)


I am back then; you are now here. I am an old memory, that lingers, without a direct meaning, but a reminder from before. The feeling of the sun on my back, imprinting outside of my singlet where bare skin was exposed. Sparkles and reflection of the sun in the water, where your old eyes laid full of wonder.

I dreamt of jagged vibrant colours, overlapping one another, fighting for a small place to inhabit, not to settle but to go wild. Stuck in a detail, then a hard push of air lifting me up higher and higher, passing an empty sky where clouds should be - outside the world of colours to find a new perspective, the bigger perspective, where the same thing happens but in a bigger form, colours fighting over pieces of raw space to inhabit, not to settle down but to go wild. Wild they go.

I concealed nothing from you, as you know me more than I know of me; secrets are secrets. Today I will remember you, as I recreate you, in this better light, in this perspective, where no sun can kiss you as it blinds you and fades you. I will remember you as your true self, RED.

To purchase red string please contact agendo@cgs.vic.edu.au