David Bennie

David Bennie

Yuppie Mephistopheles

Copper plate dry point

405mm x 405mm (Framed in Black Timber)

Still Here After

Graphite on paper

625mm x 815mm (Framed in Natural Timber)

‘Yuppie Mephistopheles’ 2020 is a work speaking to the treachery of material-driven obsession and calculated fixation on financial success.

‘Still Here After’ was brought about by my interests in the worn weathered and seemingly abandoned things that surround us. Clarity of the passage of time and its immediate effect on surfaces and forms. The themes and subject matter of the work itself inspired from my personal experiences of the stagnant yet repetitive day to day routine during quarantine. The figure shown represents the inability to take action, remaining static, left to the mercy of time.