Florence Wang

Florence Wang

The time when I was able to sit next to Mom

Oil on canvas (diptych)

43cm x 53cm x 4.5cm per piece (Framed)


Florence is a Melbourne based artist whose main art practice is in painting and drawing with traditional medium. Besides art, she is also an IT professional with a background in Data Science. Below is her first-person bio:

"I have been painting and drawing almost ever since I was born. Painting and art to me is something personal and extremely special in life. Academically, I have considered myself to be fortunate. In 2014, I earned my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sydney studying the intricacies of visual similarity that lies among different types of art imageries. I then continued my journey in science by working at CSIRO for another five years.

At the beginning of 2020, I was fortunate to have a small career change, hence had found myself start pursuing something I always had passion in. Beyond the visual qualities, I am a believer in arts with great emotional and psychological depth and their story telling power to the intended audience. And I hope to carry that belief into my day-to-day art practice."

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