Kaia King-Smith

Kaia King-Smith

Practising Knots & Objects

Carbon black (dye) on hahnemuhle museum etching paper

See Journal via YouTube

21cm x 29.5cm (Framed in Solid Timber)


The selection of drawings in this video comes from one of my current visual journals that I started around mid-2020. I’ve kept a sketch pad close by since I was very young, probably because drawing is a form of relaxation, focus, and expression for me.

I follow artists such as Kim Jung Gi and over the years have taken an interest in character and object drawing along with exploring lines in organic and geometric patterns. I tend to combine figurative and non-figurative elements in various mixes.

My “drawing mindfulness” enables me to explore a range of drawing elements in improvisational and surprising ways. It’s exciting to start with a little line and watch it grow. I weave the lines together, sometimes making knots that I stack on top of one another. I weave until something beautiful appears.

"Practising Knots and Objects" is a time-based (silent) sequence of 21 journal drawings done over a 3-month period in 2020.

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