Kawthar Zoubiri

Kawthar Zoubiri

Masked Self

Acrylic on wood

40cm x 30cm x 2cm (Framed)


‘Masked Self’ is a painted portrait of a female carrying a very distressed expression is experiencing a physical breaking of her identity, hence the cracks.

Mainly communicating the ideas of Persona (The facade that masks the true self from the society) and the Ego (The true self behind the mask) through a monotone aesthetic.

My works including this painting continue to be inspired by the artist Miles Johnston and Carl Jung’s theorisation of the psyche. I implemented an element of distortion into this piece by removing the head to display a mask corrupted by roles that mask the true self such as Parent, employee and so on.

I mainly paint with Acrylics as I am very familiar with its qualities and now prefer it over other paints.

To purchase Masked Self please contact agendo@cgs.vic.edu.au