Olga Dziemidowicz

Olga Dziemidowicz

I get to sit here and enjoy life

Acrylic on canvas

100cm x 150cm x 3cm (Unframed)


I’m a visual artist, working predominantly in painting mediums.

In my art I often use bold colours and dynamic brushstrokes to express positivity and joy. I use acrylics, oils and mixed media on canvas and paper and My style resembles the works of post-impressionists and abstract expressionists.

I'm currently focusing on creating large, semi-abstract paintings of emotional landscapes that are vibrant and expressive, because I’m interested in capturing and sharing positive emotions. In contrast to a dominating negative narrative I want to bring feelings of joy, courage and freedom to the forefront.

To purchase I get to sit here and enjoy life please contact agendo@cgs.vic.edu.au