Reeva Ashton

Reeva Ashton

The Artist's Mark

Oil on panel

50cm x 50cm x 2cm (Unframed)

My studio practice is an exploration of found images that are cut, pasted, digitally combined, and painted. In a world where photographic media is continuously consumed, my work blends realism into abstract forms to take on entirely new representations. Like fleeting memories, only fragments of what was once visually depicted, remain. Working in a variety of mediums, each painting tells a different story, often swayed by changing states of mind.

My interest in psychology often influences my work. I am interested in how perception differs based on an individual’s psychology, and how state of mind impacts the developing work. My process is reflective, personal, often driven by observation, and yet highly influenced by transitory experiences.

The Artist’s Mark is a piece that represents a step back into my studio space. After significant time spent away from the studio, I find myself driven to explore what was once lost. It is a piece that explores mark making: Each mark within the piece is a recreation of a found mark from other artists. I have carefully curated each mark to come together and create a piece that entirely represents my own psychology, my interests, and what I am visually drawn to.