Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell


Cork, coiled paper, steel and synthetic polymer paint on canvas

150cm x 120cm x 3cm (Unframed)


This is my Rainbow

Varnish, oil and synthetic polymer paint on linen, blackwood

92cm x 92cm 5.5cm (Framed)


'Target' is a wall-based assemblage on canvas that explores ideas surround colour theory and psychology. I am particularly interested in the semiotics of colour and their ability to suggest meanings that exceed themselves. This is largely subjective and often dependant on memory, experience, and the different systems that we have been exposed to depending our culture and geographical location. I was also looking into re-contextualising the materials in a way that challenges their pre-existing framework and function, while also examining the potentiality for different views and perspectives to arise.

Driven by a deep engagement with materiality and process, 'This is my Rainbow' has been created using a combination of marble rocks, varnish, oil and synthetic polymer paint on oil primed linen. The work contains a fluid combination of purples, yellows, reds, greens, blues and oranges, as well as black and white. Interested in psychology, it presents similar characteristics to the Rorschach test, which has been approached in a way that is intended to create balance and harmony throughout the four-panel composition. Drawing on a range of strategies, the conception of the work was largely reliant on a performative and physical painting process. The diverse application of the paint has resulted in areas that shift and transform from iridescent swirls of colour and translucent stains to luxuriant textured markings that have been applied directly from the tube.

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